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Notebook and Pen

HiI'm Pauline...


25+ years of Professional Experience

Growing up in a household where there were strong limiting beliefs and inconsistent structure, my paternity was that elephant in the room that no one was allowed to talk about.  The idea of being whole, body and soul, was foreign to me.   Sound familiar?  Please, read on.

As a teenager, I developed my independence in order to become the role model I envisioned.  Innately, I knew that I deserved more than what was being presented to me (and I will be forever grateful for this) but without the proper direction, I did not know how, where why when or what that looked like?  My motivation was that I knew clearly who I did not want to become!  An unsupportive environment taught me that I could only rely on myself. 


Surviving depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, abuse, hopeless thoughts of never being good enough for my family, all lead to thoughts of suicide. I grew into adulthood feeling that I constantly had to prove myself to family, friends, peers, and even myself, so that I would not sink deep into victim territory.

My life was a façade!  After 50 years, lessons of placing myself in vulnerable situations, divorce, single parenting, and workplace harassment/bullying, only benefited to make me the strong person I am today.  Will, determination, education (of life and institutions), community support, hope and the small amount of self-faith are what got me through.  I am now proud to be able to say that I live to serve ALL people, just like you and me. 

Community taught me that love really can be found everywhere, and slowly I learned to trust others.  The idea that “it takes a whole village to raise a child,” really hit home for me.  My struggles taught me that it is okay to ask for help.   I realized that I needed to unlearn the strong generational limiting beliefs that I was raised with to soar to my highest potential.  By becoming a client, myself, I opened my heart, my mind and learned to trust my intuition through a healthy lifestyle, meditation, journaling, and self-reflection with adaptation as my guide.  

Through my loss, struggles and pain I learned that I can be my authentic self.  Guiding and serving people as equals, who are dedicated to becoming their true selves, is what I am meant to do.  Self-empowerment is my passion and purpose!  Through techniques geared towards stress management, organization through transitions and success strategies, I found that there are many ways to achieve the outcomes you desire.  Let me help you explore them!

                                              I look forward to walking with you through your journey and achieving your highest goals!

My Childhood


"I always dreamed of teaching others.  If I could help in any way possible to bring comfort to others and make their life easier, I did what I could, even at a young age.  My mission was to learn as much as I could so that I could pass on this knowledge to help others."

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Mission Statement:

"To empower and motivate people to be who they were meant to be"


My intention is to leave this world knowing that I have done my best to be part of the ripple effect of changing lives around the world!


Organized Robb Nash concert


Kampala School in Africa

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Bucket list

"I started with motivation and drive to do the best with what I had!"

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Visions and Dreams

own my dream home in the country


My timeline

6 events that catapulted my life and personal growth to another level!


"Setting Goals and Achieving them!"

(B.A. and Dental Assisting) 


"Strength was the foundation to give my children everything I could"

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"Together our strength can move mountains!"


" Giving of my time to those who need it most."  


"After 50 years Dreams Do come True"
Original Aguesse Homestead

"My strength will heal the generations past & present."

October 2021

Becoming a Coach so that I could repair the relationship with my Mom and  heal the generational limiting beliefs.

September 2021

Finding my paternal family     


Mission Trip to Kampala School in Africa


Meeting the man of my dreams

1995, 1998, 1999

Becoming a Mom 

1995, 2000

Graduations from Post-secondary


To be Continued...


Looking forward to working with you!

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