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Consulting &
Group Coaching

Ready to create a workplace that you and your team are happy and proud to be part of?

3 Things I can help you achieve in your clinic. 

  • Confident, loyal, happy & committed employee's who feel secure in their workplace

  • Increased treatment acceptance rates, referrals & loyal clients


Why Work With Me? 

  • I have been in the dental field for 20+ years, 30+ years coaching and mentoring others

  • I am a Certified Life Coach and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapist) whose moral beliefs in the regulation of the coaching industry are ethically sound.

  • I am in Current standing by the Association of Coaching, recognized worldwide.

  •  I have been trained by amazing coaches such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Jay Shetty, enabling me to help you (and your office) be successful.

  • I have 6+ years on the MDAA Executive Board, as well as numerous other committee’s, aiding in the forward momentum for the future of dental professionals, offices and public safety with confidence.

Things to think about before hiring a Dental Consultant

  • What kind of environment would you like to present in the office?

  • When you think of a dental office that you would attend as a patient, what does this look like?

  • Is there an existing office policy manual so that there is no ambiguity in expectations or roles of the employee’s?Are you ready to invest in your office brand for success of yourself, your employee’s and patients?


"As seen in and on..."

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