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Learn how Pauline found her strength!

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Learn tried and true  strategies that these women used in their community! "The Butterfly Effect Creates Ripples," is Pauline's best work yet!

by Pauline Grouette

Along with 23 Inspiring Women Authors


Join Pauline as she authentically shares her tale of growing up without her true identity since the day she was born. 

The life choices, challenges and celebrations, she contributes to following her intuition and deeply knowing that she was meant for a greater life than what was being presented to her.


Mom Magic

by Pauline Grouette

Along with 19 Inspiring Women Authors


Results that what she is doing works!
Book Reviews

"Pauline 😊🙌💕

I just read your story and it is very inspiring. It was a great read! Your contributions were sophisticated, honest, and aspirational.


This is a book to lift your spirits, inspire you and share with friends. There is an innate fire inside you, and it shows through your writing of just how passionate and dedicated you are to you family.  It's a true gift you have connecting with others.


Worth the read!"

- Ali St. Claire with DNA Paternity Testing Centre Of Canada

"Pauline, a heartfelt congratulation on the release of your best-selling book 'Becoming an Unstoppable Woman- Influencer.' Your contribution to this book highlights your skills and talents and shows your continued commitment to helping others overcome, grow and prosper. There is genuinely no higher calling for someone, and I appreciate your wisdom and dedication to your vision."

Christopher Mitra

Executive Leadership Coach at An Inspired Life


"Pauline,  I read your book Mom magic, and loved your story, very authentic and inspiring. Congrats, I know this will help others along their journey!"


Rod Chabot

Weathercock Podcasting & Upgrade Coach

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