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Why should you choose to work with me?

If you feel that your confidence and belief in
any part of your dental office has
dwindled, ...I will lend you mine!
Allow me to show you the possibilities that are
available with a little elbow grease, an open mind, and faith.


*I encourage dental professionals to provide an environment where all public (including themselves as providers and patients) feel heard, safe and respected.
*I provide dental offices with efficient and effective solutions that empowers them to reach their goals to a successful practice!
*I guide professionals to trust in their abilities, 
for a fulfilling and successful career!


  • I have been in the dental field for 20+ years, 30+ years coaching and mentoring others
  •  I am a Certified Life Coach and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapist) whose moral beliefs in the regulation of the coaching industry are ethically sound.
  • I am in Current standing by the Association of Coaching, recognized worldwide.
  •  I have been trained by amazing coaches such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Jay Shetty, enabling me to help you (and your office) be successful.
  • I have 6+ years on the MDAA Executive Board, as well as numerous other committee’s, aiding in the forward momentum for the future of dental professionals, offices and public safety with confidence.
  •  I have the experience and knowledge to understand what is required in the dental environment (for employee’s and owners)
  •  I respect and acknowledge what patients are looking for in a dental office.
  •  My experience and patience have expanded my leadership qualities exponentially.
  •  My ongoing professional development is dedicated to encouraging you to reach your goals faster by learning from my mistakes. By accepting change, YOUR success is MY success in whatever comes our way! We are a TEAM!

Group Coaching

I help all members of an office individually and/or in groups to create a workplace that you are happy and proud to be part of!
Discovery Sessions are always complimentary! This is for people who are   interested in hiring a Dental Consultant but are unsure of what they can expect.  Let’s meet via a ZOOM call to assess whether we would be a good fit to work  together!

Things to think about before hiring a Dental Consultant

  • What kind of environment would you like to present in the office?
  •  When you think of a dental office that you would attend as a patient, what does this look like?
  • Is there an existing office policy manual so that there is no ambiguity in expectations or roles of the employee’s?
  • Are you ready to invest in your office brand for success of yourself, your employee’s and patients?

"Mom Magic"


A guide for moms that encourages work- life balance to  allow time for yourself!



Tel: 1- 204- 803- 6694    | 

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