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Core Values


I respect you as a unique person; a human with feelings, goals, and traits that you may want to work on.  My meeting with you is judgement free!


When we work together, there is an agreement between us to reach your desired outcome.  I promise to guide you to those dreams to the best of my ability.


Absolutely every meeting, communication/text/phone call or email that we have is 100% confidential!  I can relate to the fear that comes with creating a better version of ourselves.  Even when we are not together, I am in your corner!


I would not be able to grow as a person professionally, personally, or individually so I am forever grateful that you have given me the opportunity to work with you.


In my careers I have been in situations where people try to do what is right but not always for the right reasons.  Staying true to yourself is of upmost importance!


I will ask questions to ensure we remain on the path uniquely for you.  It may not always be easy but working together honestly is how we develop a solid foundation to lifelong changes. 


Guidelines are in place for many different reasons, mainly for the protection of both parties involved.  The standards that I hold for myself are of the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior as outlined by the Association of Coaching.  This is the same level as any doctor or counsellor.
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