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The Citizen - Locals Embrace Work-from-Home Trend

Pauline Grouette lives in Howden, in the RM of Ritchot. In April of this year, Grouette left her job as a dental assistant after 22 years in that profession.

During the pandemic, Grouette decided to broaden her skillset and study to become a cognitive behaviour therapist and certified life coach. Little did she know that it would result in a complete career shift just one year later.

“At first I was working in a dental office while coaching part-time, but I soon realized that coaching had become my new passion,” Grouette says. “After such a long career slouching over patients, my body told me to make the hard decision.”

She admits that it wasn’t an easy decision, but she has no regrets.

“The benefits of working at home are great,” she adds. “The costs saved from vehicle expenses like fuel and gas and the time travelling to and from the office. I can manage household and personal errands easier since I manage my own schedule. In terms of my mental and physical health, I can also concentrate on these areas as I need to so that I can aim for my most fulfilling life.”

After working for years at a job where her time was highly structured, with schedules created by someone else, Grouette admits it’s been a big learning curve now that she’s responsible for structuring her own work-life balance.

Her husband and adult children were shocked by her decision at first but have been fully supportive.

“I think if people are able to work from home, they will,” Grouette concludes. “Families in general may feel less anxious as they save time as well as money, creating a domino effect. The children may feel less anxiety if parents are able to leave stressful work environments. Of course, every position is different, though employers are realizing the value of good and faithful employees.”

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